Sparkly Games
Based in Bordeaux, France

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July 23th, 2018 - Steam
January 25th, 2019 - Oculus
January 25th, 2019 - Viveport




HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
Windows Mixed Reality

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USD 1,99
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Situated midway between shoot'em up and musical game, you are in charge of a squad of two ships in Virtual Reality. Intentionally designed as a difficult game, you will have to face the many enemies that will appear according to the rhythm and intensity of the music. Accuracy, dodge and coordination will be the main ingredients of this perilous journey.


The game has fairly simple controls, but requires concentration and accuracy.

You handle both ships with both hands.You can move each ship independently by moving one hand. This game was imagined around two core gameplay mechanics:
  1. Merge your ships into a unique one in order to increase your accuracy (you do not need to focus on both your hands, but only on one).

  2. Accumulate energy in order to activate secondary weapons and defensive systems, and to increase your final score.

Two game modes are available on Toward a Perilous Journey, suitable for fast game sessions or more intensive ones:
  1. Arcade-like mode let you discover each level independently.

  2. Journey mode is the most challenging as you take on all 24 levels in a row.


  • Switch between double hand and single-handed gameplay

  • 2 game modes

  • 24 levels to explore

  • 24 Electro music tracks

  • Ships management

  • 2 colorful environments including day/night cycle

  • World ranking for each level


One of the main parts of the game is its musical component. Each one of the 24 tracks has been meticulously selected, in agreement with their respective authors, and is licenced under Creative Commons.

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Company Bio

From my childhood I have always been fascinated by new technologies. That's why I did a PhD thesis focused on Spatial Augmented Reality. After my studies, I decided to take advantage of the experience acquired in order to create video games, an other of my passions. Thus was born Sparkly Games, a young and independent video game studio.

Press & Influencer Review

"The developers have put a great deal of emphasis on the music"
- VRFocus.com
"A good VR action game with colorful animation. Funny passing of the game in combination with graphics is a pleasure. A big plus is the choice of music - it can only please." - GamesWB